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Two Parties are Better Than One - Round 2

The second round of our anniversary Halloween bash was on Saturday, Oct 30.  Since Halloween was on a Sunday, we were actually partying on mischief night -- and boy, did we get into some naughty mischief.  I was a super revealing Jane of the Jungle outfit, while Rocco wore a matching Tarzan outfit.  My boobs kept popping out, but that is part of the fun of being able to wear lingerie-style outfits to a Halloween party.  Unfortunately, I can never revert to a vanilla Halloween party again... Halloween is just too good of an excuse to wear next to nothing.  And at Behind Closed Doors, nearly everyone took advantage.  We had some supremely sexy female guests (and duos) dressed up.

Thanks to our close friends and BCD regulars, Greg and Lynn, we were pleased to offer a vacation at the infamous Hedonism II in Jamaica as the 1st place prize for the best costume.  We held the best costume contest at midnight around the large pool area.  Adult star Karen Kougar, who was dressed as -- of course -- a cougar, assisted Rocco in judging.  We saw some crazy sexy outfits including sexy vampires, witches, belly dancers, nurses, and even a naughty "Irish" couple, who were a little early for St. Patty's day.  Unfortunately Greg and Lynn were not able to compete in the contest, but they had the coolest Trinity and Morpheus custom-made Matrix outfits. I had my money on two wickedly hot single females who came with each other, but the Irish couple wound up winning the audience over and took home the prize.

And then, the fun began.  The nice thing about our new venue is that there are so many areas to explore.  Many people were able to chill by the massive pool or take a dip, while others went to the private rooms or the large group room.  I chose the latter. 

The back area got hot very quickly.  Couples enjoyed our Liberator sex furniture and new mattresses by christening them with insanely hot sex position.  Then, I met Tori...  Tori came as a single female and this was her second swing party.  In her early twenties, Tori had been looking for a party like BCD for a long time.  She explained to me that her first party was at a disgusting swing club filled with old, nasty people who were extremely pushy with her.  She had almost sworn off swinging until she read about BCD... and here she was.

Many single females talk up a good game but are too intimidated to get into the "swing" of things.  That was not the case with Tori.  Confident and dressed up as a belly dancer, Tori told me she how horny she was.  She had immediately been propositioned by a hot, model-like couple and brought to a private room.  But, the sex was apparently awful and she left quickly.  Although super-sexy, the male simply had no idea how to keep two females, his date and Tori, satisfied.

Tori looked around in the group area and saw Greg and Lynn going at it, along with Jack and Noreen.  Her mouth was open and I could tell she was just itching to jump in.  Watching Jack fuck is truly a sight to behold -- and getting fucked BY him is an experience unlike any other.  He's in a band and has that "alternative" look, and has been blessed with a beautiful cock and the ability to fuck like a jackrabbit.  He goes and goes like the Energizer bunny.  Noreen is a bit submissive and, when in the moment, enjoys gagging on cock, getting pounded by cock, and even light choking.  The pair is fairly extreme, but people love watching them get it on.  And, Rocco and I enjoy hooking up with both of them.

Rocco was rock hard and I began stroking his cock.  Tori took one look at his cock and then dropped to her knees.  She took his erect member into her mouth and started sucking.  I was impressed, if not a bit shocked.  This sexy, intelligent young lady was WILD.  I touched Tori's perky breasts as she got Rocco's cock nice and wet.  I could tell he was dying to fuck her, so I passed him a condom.  She laid back and he slid his manhood inside.  I took Jack's cock in my mouth while continuing to watch Rocco with this sexy vixen.  He worked up a good pace and then started fucking her hard.  "Harder!  Fuck my little hole harder!" she said.  Vocal too?  Wow, this girl was incredible, I thought.

Little hole it was.  Tori is a petite girl, and apparently her pussy was very tight as I heard Rocco groan, "Ohhhhh!"  I could tell she was practically trying to milk his cock.  But he resisted.  Jack saw how Tori liked it, and Rocco proceeded to withdraw for him.  Jack went with a bit more aggressiveness, slapping her ass and fucking her even harder.  "Fuck me like the little whore I am!" Tori exclaimed.  Holy shit, this was intense!  Rocco took Noreen and fucked her next to Jack and Tori.  This was truly live porn.  I grabbed a hard dick, I believe it was Greg's, slid a condom on, and joined the train.
The hottest Halloween party ever?  Check.  Hot people, hot action, and hot memories.  When I finally got worn out, I checked out the pool area and saw couples doing it all over the place -- some were soft-swapping, others were playing among themselves, while still others were watching.  Overall, it was truly incredible!!

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