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Mardi Gras Affair

The Mardi Gras event kicked off with a bead contest the likes of which New Orleans has never seen.  So what did the ladies do to earn the beads?  What didn't they do is the question which should be asked.  With the help of a big boobied guest, I started the night by explaining to a sexy guest who had come all the way from Canada what it takes earn some beads.

During the night we also celebrated our friend Leilene's 27th birthday.  Things got heated when Leilene was being eaten out by one girl while getting her boobs sucked by another.  I couldn't resist and joined in on the three ladies.  Soon, I was joined by several more sexy ladies including Hera and another cutie who was was attending a sex party for the first time. 

Before we knew it, there were half a dozen sexy ladies front and center all helping celebrate Leilene's special day!  We looked up at the ceiling to see our reflection on the glass overlooking the gorgeous Manhattan skyline.  BCD arranged for another fantastic multi-million dollar venue--clean, posh, upscale and "user-friendly."  To accommodate all the hot guests, there was an L-shaped sectional couch.  As we looked up from the girl on girl fun towards the couch, we saw every last inch of the couch being utilized by the guests who had conveniently started playing.  Couples were even getting frisky against the walls--everywhere we looked, hot people were hooking up.

In attendance was Mr. and Ms. Titan.  I was so horny from being teased, I grabbed Titan's foot-long, throbbing cock and asked him to strap on a condom and fuck me.  It was my first cock of the night (but not my last) and I picked the largest cock at the party!  I don't really remember many details as the fuck session all seemed like a magical blur--but I do remember cumming once and continue fucking until I came for a second time.  After that, I had to take a break.

My friends Leilene and Charlie who I hadn't seen in so long came back upstairs to play.  I couldn't resist Charlie's good looks and fantastic cunnilingus technique.  Boy, does he know how to use his tongue!  He kept eating me out and teasing me until he got to the end and then, he used his finger and finished me off.  I then laid the two of them down and sucked Charlie off while fingering Leilene.  I successfully multitasked -- pleasuring both of them.  As soon as Leilene was about to cum, I felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter and she squirted ever so little before literally pushing my fingers out of her pussy (she has a crazy amount of muscle control down there!)

There was so much sex going on everywhere, it was hard for me to focus in on any one thing.  I handed Hera two cocks to put in her mouth--Titan's and her husband Apollo.  It was wild.  Needless to say, no one has ever seen ladies do such crazy things as they did for beads that night.  The winner of the contest was a sexy lady who was on a mission to do whatever it took to win--and let's just say showing her boobs was only the beginning...


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