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BCD Valentine's Day Lock & Key - A Cocktail Orgy

A few times a year, I am invited to attend some of the hottest cocktail reception and red-carpet affairs in the city.  Most of these posh events, however, are often pretty boring.  Women come in to these affairs wearing cleavage-bearing dresses and that scream "I am ready to fuck!" but nothing really goes down--unless the occasional rumors about two people hooking up for a quickie in the bathroom are true.  Even still, if I'm all dressed up, I'd rather fuck AT the party then in a sketchy bathroom.  Besides, Rocco and I have already been there, done that.  So, I thought to myself, why not host a Behind Closed Doors party at one of these posh penthouses on top of the world looking down at the city lights and the Manhattan skyline?  Why not host the party for Valentine's Day and appropriately host it during Fashion Week?  It took a lot of planning, but we made my vision come true!

Now, if you have never been to a BCD party but have been so very lucky to attend other so-called  "swinger" affairs in and around the city, you may think that posh and swinger party does not go together.  But, my friends, you would be wrong because BCD made it happen once again.

Our first set of guests arrived before the party even began to join us for swing school.  Again, you may ask yourself, who the hell shows up to a "swing" party early?  Again, I say, BCD is no ordinary swing party!

As we walked around and met up with all our old and new friends, I could not help but stop and stare at all the gorgeous people.  I often wonder that if I wasn't the one at the organizing side of the party but was a guest, what would I think when I walked in to these events?  If I hadn't pre-approved each and everyone of the hot guests and shown up as one of the lucky, invited guests to the party, what would I do?  I think I would just be astonished to see so many beautiful and genuine people--there were women that looked like the girl next door, models, women with curves--all with great attitudes and non-pretentious.

I saw even some of the shyest guests come out of their shells and participate in the lock and key game.  Before long, women changed into their hottest lingerie and the fun began.

Our amazing friends Hera and Apollo came dressed in their best.  Hera was glowing in her short dress with her beautiful breasts peaking out leaving us wanting more and Apollo looked hot, sexy and confident, especially next to his special babe.  Apollo is always surprising me with his cunnilingus techniques and he is one of the few men who is as good at eating pussy as he is at fucking it--and he is great at both and has made me cum so good!  At one time, Rocco and Linda started to go down on me while I made out with Hera as she was also getting eaten out.  I was moaning in ecstasy as I came.  I looked up to see a reflection of everyone on the bed with us engaging in fun.  It was a most beautiful location to be a part of an orgy--up in the sky looking directly at Manhattan's most iconic skyline.  I have seen celebrities in photo shoots in this spot before, but what BCD produced was beyond anything that even Charley Sheen could dream up (minus the drugs)--that is, if he wasn't so fucked up.    

I then took a break but not for too long.  We decided to go down to the play room to follow the sounds of moans.  We found ourselves a little corner to start having fun and were soon joined by others.  My pussy was still soaking wet from cumming a little earlier but I really needed my fill of cock.  Apollo came through with a stiff dick as he always does.  He pushed his long cock in one thrust so deep inside that I screamed--both in pleasure and surprise.  It didn't take long for him to fuck me missionary style until I came again.  Although it is often difficult for me to orgasm in this position, something about Apollo's throbbing cock just does it for me.  Next to us were more couples and I saw and heard Rocco give it to Hera.  This lady loves cock just like me and can't get enough!

I decided to take a water break, but forgot to actually get some water because I was so busy engaging with everyone and looking at all the hot action!  People were having sex everywhere and using every nook and cranny.  Do I love BCD's on-premise party--emphases on "on-premise" in every sense of the word!

Every time we thought the party was ending, we were wrong!  The party kept going on and on.  I wanted to have another fill of Apollo and after sucking him off, I asked him to do me.

To give you a background of what went on next, I must make an allusion to porn.  I love to watch porn, as you know, but most of the porn out there just doesn't do it for me.  But that doesn't mean I don't watch it.  I especially watch porn for comic relief and love to watch the real porn performers that carry a signature phrase or action that make them who they are.  For example, I love Lexington Steele's moan on camera.  Unfortunately, Lex doesn't always moan like that in real life when he cums, which I found out by personal experience.  One thing I love about Apollo is he's very vocal in REAL LIFE when he cums--just like Lex in the porn world.  Another favorite porn star of mine (not for the sex, but for comedy) is a trash-talking king that is never a main star of the porn but is always one of the secondary cocks-men.  I'm obsessed with his trash-talk and love to seek out movies where he is featured in the background.  I often love to mimic this guy when I am having sex.  Feeling so free and comfortable with Apollo as he was fucking me, I made a trash-talking blurb about how hot his body was due to his workout regiment that was no short of a sexual blooper.  As the trash-talking porn king makes me laugh, I unfortunately made Apollo crack up!  We shared a good laugh as friends would, even though his dick was inside me just a second before.  Next time, I will leave the silly trash-talking to the porn.  Yet another reason why NOT to imitate what you see on a porno.  Yes, this is for the men who think slapping a pussy/clit or forming a clam-shell by squeezing the pussy lips together does something for women.

As we ended an amazing night, we did not want to go to sleep.  A few of us stayed up and talked for what seemed like hours at the end of what I would call a "Cocktail Orgy" to recount a night that we will never forget.  Thank you BCD for making my fantasy a reality.

August's Wall of Shame

August's Wall of Shamer is a single male, Mike, who attended an XXXtreme Event and was extremely rude to the owner of the venue, resulting in XXXtreme losing a nice location at which we had been hosting our parties regularly.  As you probably now, BCD and XXXtreme are roaming parties meaning that we throw events at new locations all the time.  We had been developing a relationship with a particular venue owner in order to maintain our ability to throw parties at his location (as it is always a struggle to find new and interesting places without issues).  The owner, who will likely be next month's Wall of Shamer, was demanding of us -- he wanted to personally approve of almost everything we were doing.  As long as he didn't participate but simply oversaw the operation, Rocco and I were OK with it.  

The owner, a crotchety old man I'll call Snake, was at the bar and flirting with our lovely topless bartender, Rachel.  Everyone else was scattered around the venue, fucking.  Apparently, Snake was telling her a joke and was just about to get to the punch line.  Mike stumbles over and interrupts at that very moment -- "Beer, I need a beer right away!" he yelled, cutting off Snake.  Rachel grabbed the beer just as Snake starting screaming at Mike.  "What the fuck!?  You have no respect!  I was just about to reach the punch line of my joke and you interrupt me!  How DARE YOU!" Snake exclaimed.  Of course, it was out of line for Snake to get that worked up over something so stupid.  But the old man might have been looking for an excuse to be pissed off and to take it out on Rocco and myself.  We could tell he wasn't as excited about the parties, as he probably realized that, as a man in his 60s, he was way too old  (and ugly) to stand a chance of getting in on action with our hot, young crowd.  He actually suggested that we have a "Seasoned Swinger" party for the over-50 crowd.  But, that story is for another day.

Mike could have apologized right there and ended it.  Instead, he poured fuel on the fire.  "What did I do?" he asked.  He went back and forth with the old man.  Then, Mike made things even worse for himself.  Rocco had heard the commotion, separated Snake and Mike, and talked to each of them.  He told Mike he should probably just leave and we'd talk it over.  Mike couldn't leave it at that.  Instead, he interrupted me -- as I was riding a stiff cock, to tell me that he was being asked to leave.  I started to get pissed.  Mike has a thick head, but the fool doesn't know when to shut up.  Now he was making a scene.  I told him just to leave, and that we'd discuss it later.  After all, he had ALREADY had the privilege of fucking me, Mandy, and several other of the hottest girls at the party.  I had even made an exception for his unshaven, unkempt junk -- and allowed him to fuck me because I thought he was a decent guy.  By interrupting me, he had really put the final nail in the coffin.  

On his way out, he continued to bicker with the old man and raised his voice to the concern of many guests.  It was just stupid.  But Mike didn't email or contact me after to apologize.  After 3 months I finally heard from him:
It's been a few months since we spoke and wanted to say hi. I know things seemed weird after the last party, for reasons I still cannot fully understand, but it was an amazing time until the incident. I hope all is well and that we may be able to get together at a future party if things are not problematic. All the best and enjoy the party this weekend.  ~Mike
"Weird"?  No apology.  No concern about what might have happened after the incident (namely, the old man pushing us out of the venue because he didn't want to deal with problems like Mike).  So, I didn't respond.

What a fucking idiot.  Of course, Mike came crawling back because there is no substitute for XXXtreme -- every other party open to single males is (1) crowded with NASTY single men who will compete for any available ass (e.g. women of the night/old maids) thereby making it highly unlikely for even a good looking guy to get any play (due to the typical 20 to 1 guy to girl ratio) , and (2) filled with women of the night, women being paid to be there, and NO "real" women.

All I ask is that a man be a gentlemen.  If you have a disagreement with someone, or made a mistake by saying something disrespectful just say, "Sorry!"  Why is that so hard??