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January's Wall of Shamer

January's Wall of Shame is a single woman who broke the cardinal rule of swinging--don't piss off one partner in hopes to hook up with the other.  This lady, let's call her "Jezzebel," had hooked up with me and Rocco in a three-some.  However, during the three-some, I was rather bored by her cock-hogging ways and selfishness.  Don't get me wrong, I had a great time with Rocco as I always do, but this lady just kept trying to take the cock as if she was the only woman in the room.  A cock-hog in a MFF threesome is a recipe for diaster.  But, I was a good sport about it.  As she took the cock, I ate her out and touched myself.  I thought Rocco and I made the best out of the situation and regardless of the fact that Jezzebel had a bad attitude, I still managed to have a good time as did Rocco.

A few days passed and Jezzebel started sending Rocco text messages about how hot the three-some was.  I'm sure Rocco was flattered and it would've been great if she left it at that.  However, this lady wanted to bring her drama along for the ride.  She would send me an email saying opposite of what she would tell Rocco.  Often, she tried to make up scenerios and situations hoping that a rift would be created between me and Rocco so she could have him all to herself.  Silly girl.  Didn't she know Rocco and I are swingers which means we communicate and are not dishonest with each other?  At first, I laughed at her tactics, but eventually when she wouldn't stop, she started to get a bit on my nerves.  She brought her drama into my life and thought she had a chance to break apart our relationship. 

She eventually sent me an email to apologize for any problems she may have caused.  Maybe she was ready to leave the drama at the door and have some true, no strings attached sex.  After all, I wasn't looking for a troubled girlfriend and neither was Rocco.  I thought it would be appropriate for me to not be so hard on her and give her a second chance.  So, we invited her once again to have some fun with us.  Luckily, it wasn't the three of us alone again because if so, I would have needed a plastic cock because I wouldn't be touching a real one all night.  I was distracted playing with other friends as she and Rocco played together.  So, everyone was happy.

Afterwards, I received countless emails and messages from Jezzebel once again.  She would send me the stupidest text messages during work and I really didn't appreciate it.  So, I did the decent thing and just ignored her.  However, she continued to lie and betray me and Rocco.  After I kept ignoring her, she would make up lies and message Rocco giving him details about "the conversation Sex Kitten and I had."  I'm not sure if she realized that she was having a one-way conversation or cared.  However, shame on Jezzebel for attempting to create a rift between two swingers.  It's a good thing Rocco and I have been doing this for a while because I can see if Jezzebel acted this way around a newbie couple, it could have turned ugly.  She could use a dose of Swing School and an Intro. to Swinging.

A Red-Carpet Affair-the XXXtreme Oscars Party

The XXXtreme party started kicked off Oscar weekend and I was glad to end my week with a BANG.  It is so difficult to find single males to invite to XXXtreme, as most of the men who apply are rejected.  I am always getting e-mails from men asking "Why can't I come, Sex Kitten?"  If you have to ask, this event is not for you.  But, have no fear--there are about a dozen so called fake "swingers" event in the city who will gladly accept you into their disgusting, dingy parties.  Sorry, but if XXXtreme is going to be the world's only truly selective swinger party open to select single men who are not only hot and hung but gentlemen, we can't accept every Tom, Dick and Hairy (yes, Hairy as in the unkempt losers who can't bother grooming down there).  As they say, with great power comes great responsibility and I have to look out for the hot, horny women of NYC who attend my exclusive events!

With that being said and not to my surprise, we again had more women attending the intimate affair than men because, as I have described, XXXtreme goes for quality over quantity.  I guess us ladies had to deal with the dick shortage the best we could--by sharing.  As soon as the ladies changed into lingerie, it was time to get it on.  Rocco and I met Sandra and Mitch only a few months back at a BCD party.  Even though these two were newly introduced to the lifestyle, they were not shy and totally confident about themselves and their relationship.  They must have a very special relationship to attend the XXXtreme party which is ONLY for full-swap couples (we don't want gawkers, just people who are open to playing -- for those who aren't ready, there is always BCD).  I just love to meet such open, honest and sexy people.

Sandra wore a black corset top showing off her beautiful boobs and a sexy, itty-bitty skirt.  It didn't take us long to get her to take her top off and hook up.  We started playing with each other and our respective partners put their cocks inside of us.  I heard her moans next to me and I knew this lady was a firecracker.  Mitch swapped with Rocco and strapped on a condom and slipped his dick inside me.  I'm not sure if it was all the build up during the night or the fact that I just need some good cock, but I came pretty fast with Mitch's technique.  He teased my clit while he fucked me, but ever so gently.  This was the first time I had a chance to play with these two and I was glad they both brought their A-game.  I saw Rocco and Mitch double team Sandra and provide her with two cocks while I took a break and watched.  Mitch almost wore me out!

Our Brazilian cock-loving friend with amazing big, natural breasts (winner of our first annual Mardi Gras party in 2008) was getting it on in a different play room.  Rocco couldn't help himself and fucked the shit out of her.  Ms. Brazil is one insatiable lady -- I saw her grab a few more cocks to continue to fuck her.  "I need more single guys!" she told me as she was getting fucked.  I thought, "Don't we all!?" -- but sorting through a dozens of guys to find even ONE good one is a daunting task.  She was able to find more dicks as the guys rotated over to her and I saw her make at least two of them cum!

At the end of the night, as I was beat, I joined the ladies for some conversations and a glass full of water.  Can't wait for the next one; I hope we can fill Miss Brazil's fantasy next time around!