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Hot Orgy, Summer in the City

It was almost a hundred degrees outside, but the real heat was at Behind Closed Doors' Summer Heat event.  Located at our new posh penthouse location in Manhattan, guests admired the stunning views from around the gorgeous space as well as each of the balconies. One couple commented, "This is unbelievable.  How do you find such amazing locations while charging so little?"  I believe that location is key in throwing an unbelievable party.  Attending BCD should be everything that attending any other "swinger" club or party is not: sophisticated, classy, and extremely sexy.

And, because making money has never been a motivating factor at BCD, we have the ability to screen our guest list and pull out all the stops for invited guests.  It's a unique concept, and it only works because Rocco and I have decided to be swing philanthropists in order to welcome hot, young couples and single ladies to a comfortable, laid-back environment. 

Swing School welcomed eager newbies who wished to learn a bit about the lifestyle.  We ended the session with a champagne toast and got started on the night.

Couples poured in -- and so did the single females.  With a ratio of 1 single female for every 4 couples, there was plenty of opportunity to make that "MFF" threesome cum true.

Venus, who had found out about BCD from my feature article on Above the Law, came out on her own.  Venus had been a seasoned swinger in her previous relationship, but had decided to try it out by herself.  I knew she would like our masseuse, Colossus, since she had mentioned that she had a particular interest in tall, muscular blonde men.  They hit it off right away.

As the bikini competition started, I heard Venus' screams as Colossus started to pound her pussy.  Normally, I would have gone over, but I was taken aback by the gorgeous women parading around in bikinis.  It may have been hot outside, but it was sizzlin' inside!  We actually had two winners, one of whom was a gorgeous petite asian girl who had attended her first party mere months ago.

When the contest ended, the action started.  Colossus continued to fuck the hell out of Venus, while Jack and Noreen got started on a bed.  Jack always puts on a show as he is a true sexual Olympian.  Hera, one of my favorite guests with killer pierced nipples and an amazing ass, dragged me to the bed and we began making out.  Before I knew it, Rocco joined us, as did Apollo.  One of the wildest girls I know, Mandy, also jumped in and started sucking Rocco's cock.  Greg, with his big block cock, and Lynn also started up with us.  It became a maze of bodies, writhing together in ecstasy.  A few newbie couples even decided to join into the orgy.

I've seen a LOT of hot sex, but I think this scene stands out in my head because the swapping was quick and efficient.  After getting their fill, the guys would seamlessly grab condoms and switch partners.  Team-work was strong as members of the orgy passed condoms to the needy.  At one point, our hostess tossed condoms out like they were confetti -- we were using the rubbers at record rates.  Kudos to safe sex!

Titan made his appearance and did his rounds.  Hera and I sucked his cock together and prepped him for a session with Lynn's tight pussy.  Two female guests, who had come together, were flabbergasted when they saw Titan's foot-long member.  One of them had sucked outside, on the balcony, while the other tried her hand (err, mouth) at it in one of the bedrooms.  They had only intended to watch, but couldn't resist trying out one of the biggest cocks they had ever seen.  When Titan tore open the Magnum XL wrapper, the girls said, "Oh, I would hate to be wasteful with a condom.  Let's try it out, just for a bit..."  Suffice to say, Titan made them believers.

We may have started the orgy, but the guests continued it.  I saw sex in each and every room.  Orgies, threesomes, foursomes, and, of course, a bunch of beginners who were excited just showing off.  It was Mission: Success.

By the end of the night, eager guests asked: "So when is the next one!?!"  That's the best comment I could hope to hear.